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The Approach

Our approach stacks the impact of multiple products into a single comprehensive remedy.


As a trusted voice in skincare who spent years testing and reviewing products, Dr. Muneeb Shah saw first-hand how hard people work for their skin health, and how little support they get.


Our all-in-one treatments address the common concerns we hear about again and again, delivering multi-product impact in a single remedy.


Our remedies work like multiple products in one to treat each concern, prevent its recurrence, and support overall skin health.

Everyone deserves skin health, but skincare can be overwhelming. We simplified things to support everyone’s skin health journey.

  • We Do No Harm

    Remedy is guided by the medically-inspired principle of Do No Harm™. We exclude common contact allergens and irritants in our formulas to deliver effective dermatologist developed solutions.

    No fragrances
    No common allergens
    No common irritants
    No animal testing

  • Our guiding principles

    We avoid common contact allergens and irritants found in skincare products. Leading with a Do No Harm™ approach, Remedy sets out to produce best-in-class products that are safe and effective.

for pore size

for dark spots

for body bumps

for dry lips

0.1% Encapsulated Retinol

Clinically-proven actives

The transparency you deserve

Crafted with gold-standard science,
backed by industry-leading certifications.

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Remedy fordark spots
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